EIA / EMP Study

Environmental Impact Assessment :

Visiontek has coordinated and managed federal and provincial EA processes including panel reviews, comprehensive studies, screenings, individual EAs, environmental reviews and class EAs; established and worked with technical advisory committees and community liaison groups; reviewed technical documents and prepared various EA documents; organized and facilitated multi-stakeholder workshops; and designed and implemented multi-stakeholder engagement strategies in support of EA planning processes. – Strategic Environmental Assessment for Developmental Planning – Site Collection Studies for Industrial /urban sectors – Collection & interpretation of baseline data, assessment and evaluation of environmental impacts, modeling & reporting of impacts – Development of Environment Management Plan, supervisory support and presentation to MoEF/PCBs.

Environmental Management Plan :

Preparation of environmental management plan is required for formulation, implementation and monitoring of environmental protection measures during and after commissioning of projects. It indicates the details of various measures that are proposed to be taken including cost components. Cost of measures for environmental safeguards should be treated as an integral component of the project cost and environmental aspects should be taken into account at various stages of the project

Site Assessment & Remediation :

-Site investigations to determine and evaluate contaminant levels in air, noise, soil and water
-Phase I / Phase II / Phase III Environmental Site Assessment
- Modelling of contaminant migration through the environment to the humans
- Clean up strategies and decommissioning plans
- Design and Supervision of remedial activities

GIS and Application Software

- Spatial Analysis based on GIS and remote sensing
- Natural Resource and Environmental Mapping
- GIS based predictive modeling for impact assessment
- GIS based risk assessment and emergency / disaster mitigation plan
- GIS based customized environment & risk assessment application software