Public Health Engineering

The main aim and objective of the organization, is the Inspection & Monitoring of Water Supply & Sewerage System of all Urban Local Bodies and Census towns of Odisha and also different states. Our responsible is for providing safe drinking water to all the ULBs across the state. VCSPL under takes filed investigation, survey, data collection, preparation, execution & maintenance of W/S Schemes. And also takes care of operation & maintenance of sewerage system. This is true and valid even after making due allowance for all modern advancement in the methods of increasing the resistance of man to particular diseases by medical immunization. One may use immunization in an emergency to resist a particular outbreak of cholera. typhoid or plague, but lasting protection against these diseases can be achieved only by protected water supply and hygienic disposal of human excreta, by ensuring that food is prepared and consumed under hygienic conditions without being contaminated by files or carriers, and by reducing chances for rats to live in too close proximity to man. The environment of the community has to be modified to achieve permanent control over mosquito bred diseases.