Water Sourcing for Industrial use

In today’s industrial development era, it can be rightly said ‘ Water- The Elixir of Industries’. Without the unavailability of water, the basic step of setting up an industry i.e. construction of infrastructures cannot be initiated. Hence, the foremost step for setting up an industry is to locate availability of adequate quantity of water near the project site.

Water sourcing includes selection of suitable site considering water availability, design and execution of various equipments necessary for drawl of water and conveying the water through the pipeline to the project site.

Visiontek Consultancy Services Private Limited (VCSPL) guides the industries in selecting a suitable site in terms of water availability. It also designs and executes the drawl mechanism which includes intake well, suction pumps, pump house and conveyance pipeline. VCSPL also takes into consideration the hydro-meteorological data and characteristics of the source of water to ensure that water is adequate for the proposed industrial activities round the year for proper functioning of the project. Suitable arrangements are also made for storage of water in the project premises so that it can be utilized during distress.