Rail Way

Roads have a multifarious social and economic impact on the country. VCSPL has one of the largest project portfolios in the roads sector in India. Our portfolio of road projects includes some of the most economically significant and high-traffic corridors connecting key industrial cities and ports in India. Backed by a strong team of specialists working across domains, VCSPL has a significant level of experience in road development based on the PPP model. We have an excellent track record of on time completion and an exceptional operations & maintenance capability for all our projects. We understand the competing needs of communities and environment, and bring integrated commercial and technical experience to the perennial challenges of limited space, time and funding.

Without bringing cities to a halt, we realise ambitious projects that make them better places to live. We use technology with care so that it benefits both road users and the environment. Whether innovating with technology or updating existing highways to extend their useful life, our holistic mindset generates new and robust solutions.

To the complete life cycle of highways, we apply knowledge in bridges, tunnels, geotechincs, environmental consulting, transport planning, transaction advice and more. Beyond the design and management of transport systems, our global specialist technical skills add unexpected benefits. VCSPL’s pavement experience in aviation, for instance, helps us rethink road surfaces. We like to push what is possible in highway design, but we always return to what drives us: creating networks that help communities thrive.